It is always a pleasure to experience a vehicle that satisfies both inside and out, and the Subaru Legacy does just that. Though it has been criticized for the lack of a turbo, this is a motor that enjoys cruising, but also roars loudly about its passion for bending the rules of RPM. During an invigorating cat and mouse game with a nearby Nissan GT-R, the Legacy held its own, generating some confused looks from nearby drivers. From the moment I pounced into the driving seat, to the time I went hunting other sports cars, the Subaru Legacy never failed to bear its teeth, becoming one of this reviewer’s favorite sedans of 2015.

In the Driving Seat

Staying true to its namesake, the latest Subaru Legacy delivers in the cockpit just as its predecessors did. The fully automatic seats are very supportive and display a little sporty flair, with the side supports providing extra comfort. The back support option is a great feature, but is not extended to the passenger side, which is a bit of a let down. A set of reactive and responsive pedals really add to the driving experience, though would benefit from a touch of aluminum to accentuate the sporty feel of the car.

Subaru’s speedy, super-sedan demands attention

An electric hand brake is a definite space-saver, not that space is an issue in this vehicle. At first glance, the Legacy does not seem too different from its counterparts, but we managed to comfortably fit 7 people in the car, which is no mean feat in any normal sedan. Also the trunk, increased significantly from the previous model, offers loads of space, making this comfortable sedan with a passion for sports extremely practical overall.

Visibility is not an issue at all, and is enhanced by the rear parking camera and parking assistance, removing all potential blind spots. The front end of the car does not enjoy the same benefits, but the vehicle is super easy to park once you get the feel for it. Lane assistance on either side of the car is useful to be prepared for reckless drivers sneaking up on your wing, but the car’s high-performance will likely limit that unpleasant experience.

Ride & Performance

From a complete standstill, the Legacy is a bit slow out of the box, but when you hit a decent rolling speed and push the pedal to the metal, it evolves into something magical. This 256HP engine purrs beautifully, and can be fully appreciated thanks to the virtually non-existent interior noise and vibration levels. At high cruising speeds, the Legacy is consistently secure and stable, and behaves extremely well on the curves, tightening up the steering to make you feel like you are fully in control.

A lot of people will see especially this side of the Subaru, and they will immediately know why

A lot of people will see especially this side of the Subaru, and they will immediately know why

The brakes are superbly responsive, and the CVT Transmission has a significantly fast reaction time when in automatic.Subaru has added gear switching paddles to the base of the steering wheel providing another nod toward the Legacy’s desire to be a sports car, however, the use of them requires a longer reaction time. Add this to the continuous all-wheel drive and you can really take great enjoyment out of any high speed driving conditions. The only downside I have to offer is that the suspension can be a little hard on the 3.6R, so opt for another variant of the Legacy if you prefer a softer ride. The 3.6R’s sporty engine makes this really fun to drive, so I would not recommend the smaller engine, which would probably suffer under the weight of this machine.


While the aforementioned electric handbrake is certainly a space saver, it does nothing for the vehicle’s sporty approach, which would benefit much more from a classic, manual handbrake. Even so, the various other features found in this model are well worth the extra cash. A larger engine, the sporty wheels, the entertainment system, and the heated seats are most welcome, and the price range still sits somewhere between the Subaru’s cheaper Asian alternatives and the pricier German ones.

A comfortable cockpit to be proud of


Extremely practical and powerful sports sedan that behaves very well on both highways and city streets, whilst bringing a unique feeling of high performance on the more windy mountain roads. Since it competes in one of the most populated segments, it will always have a tough time winning, but for the price and the pleasurable feeling it gives you on the road, the Legacy is certainly worth the money.

At a Glance

  • Engine Size (l): 3.6
  • Top Speed (km/h): 225
  • 0-100 km/h (secs): 7.1
  • Mpg: 26/36
  • Horsepower: 256
  • Bluetooth
  • Rear parking camera
  • Paddle shifts
  • Heated seats, front and back.

Price Range (At Time of Review)

MX$399,500 – MX$508,500

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