You know that feeling of dread that takes over you before spending hours on end stuck in traffic? Believe me, the idea of spending that time in a Volvo will turn that frown upside down in no time. There are only two words that can describe what it is like to ride in one of these cars: absolute comfort. The XC60 was no exception and while my fellow drivers went nuts trying desperately to get home, I was enjoying every second of my commute.

You only need to take a peek at the inside to know what I am talking about. The leather seats molded perfectly to my body and their orange-beige tone combined perfectly with the car’s white exterior. The dashboard and the door decorations featured the same color, harmonizing the interiors with a warm tone. God is in the details and the XC60 is full of small surprises that will make your journey safer and more enjoyable.

Just like with other models, the controls are oriented toward the driver, keeping everything within reach. All the infotainment essentials are on the steering wheel (call, volume, fast-forward, repeat), as well as the cruise control dials. The infotainment system and the instrument cluster are 100-percent digital and the speedometer is programmed to light up as the car accelerates. However, the jackpot goes to the Volvo’s amazing sound system that can block the outside world with a premium Harman Kardon, 12-speaker configuration.

Safety-wise, it is no surprise the XC60 is full of sensors. The Volvo is constantly measuring the distance to the car in front of you and, just above the steering wheel, there is an array of LEDs that light up as you get closer and closer. If you go beyond what the car finds acceptable considering your speed, all the LEDs will light up and an alarm will fire to alert you. There are also blind-spot sensors on both sides of the SUV and a lane-keeping assist that can get a bit annoying if you do not identify why the car keeps beeping at random times.

Among these many features, the XC60 also features an active high beam system as part of the Intellisafe Pro Pack. This is no new thing for Volvo but it is the first time I see it at its full capacity since it is difficult to notice it when you are driving around town. Imagine you find yourself on a country road with no lighting whatsoever. Your first instinct might be to turn the high headlights on but you might not what to glare the driver in front of you. Volvo solved that problem by creating an array of LEDs that can light up everything but the car in front. The system is constantly sensing where the car is and changing the array according to the curves of the road.

Back to the XC60’s comfortable nature, the drive itself is equally pleasant. Despite its grand size, the XC60 is nimble and it feels light as a feather. Even when parking, the rear-view camera and sensors make you feel aware and in control at all times. The acceleration is precise, helping you reach cruise speeds with ease and making transmission shifts seamless.

Overall, the XC60 is definitely a winner. Even after the increase in gasoline prices, you will still feel comfortable driving the Volvo thanks to its fuel economy of 13.2 km/L. Whether you are driving or just tagging along, the experience will surely be memorable.

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