Good habits can help you beat the Gasolinazo. In January, gas prices went up in Mexico following the removal of subsidies that kept the fuel artificially low.

To beat the naturally high oil prices, aside from taking the bus or metro, you can drive around in neutral all the time or make the kids get out a block before the school gate. But there are other more sensible options. Some require an initial investment but if tied into routine spending a car involves anyway, they can please both your wallet and the environment.

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Changes to Save with a Cost

Bridgestone has launched a new tire that promises 32km more per tank. The new line will hit Mexico entitled ECOPIA EP422 Plus in February 2017 in 19 different sizes. It will make up the extra ground through its innovative tread design that is safer and comfortable, over an internal spiral layer between the two reinforced steel belts.

Tires are more important than they seem for fuel consumption, and even the best tire if wrongly inflated can up your gas costs by 5 percent. A simple check-up at the mechanics and filter change can even halve fuel consumption and keep pollution to a minimum.

Free Driving Habits to Save Gas

Drivers with older models or old-fashioned habits might “warm the car up” before it’s actually needed in the morning. Getting out of this habit will save fuel and also protect the ignitions and spark plugs from the damage running on stationary does to them.

Driving responsibly is safer and cheaper. Stamping on the accelerator from a full stop can use up to 50 percent more fuel, as can braking hard to if not for your own safety, consider driving with caution, braking and accelerating with premeditation, and try and predict hazards that might make you have to stop or overtake sharply. When braking, try to do so smoothly and without changing gear when safe to do so, and keep an eye on revs not going below or above 1,500 and 2,500. Don’t sit in first gear longer than a couple of seconds because this is the one that uses most gasoline.

Cruising is much more efficient than changing speeds and less annoying for surrounding drivers, and if you’re in no rush consider dropping to 60km/h and shift into the right hand lane.

Cut down on weight, you don’t need the roof rack 90 percent of the time and often we drag unnecessary items around with us in our personal vehicles “just in case.” Empty the trunk as often as possible.

Stick to windows down instead of air conditioning, unless you’re going over 90km/h, but not wound all the way down as this reduces vehicles’ aerodynamics.

These things alone won’t beat the Gasolinazo nor save the ozone layer. But fuel price rises offers an opportunity for us to reevaluate and take responsibility for our part in air pollution. At some point the OEMs and government will have to plan out a way to get charging stations into more and easier to access locations and subsidize electric vehicles in the same way that gasoline was. As soon as their visibility increases we will see a reflection in acceptation and purchases, but if you get ahead of the trend you will doubly benefit from the smugness that comes with knowingly implementing a green initiative.

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