It is always nice to catch someone staring appreciatively at you and even more so when you are in a hot and attractive ride. While there are cars that need a bit more effort to stand out on the road, the Honda Civic Coupe manages to get everyone’s attention at first sight. Of course, it does not hurt when the car’s bright green color resembles something coming from a Fast and Furious exhibit. We had already had the pleasure of meeting this fierce-looking dragon as it was unveiled in Mexico, but now we had the opportunity to see what it could do once unleashed.


Overall, the Coupe offers a smooth and comfortable ride although for the looks of it, we expect something a bit more powerful. Do not get me wrong. Honda made sure you could get anywhere with this car and get there fast. However, its sporty features do not match its acceleration efforts. It takes a heartbeat for the Civic to understand you want to bolt though not as much as what we experienced with the HR-V. The car is light enough to pick up speed and once its ramped up it can cruise like no other.


The brakes are quite responsive as well, which is particularly helpful when you get to the highway. It might take a little time but the continuously variable transmission in this model will surely accelerate the Coupe without you even noticing, making good, trustworthy brakes a necessary partner. The Honda’s handling is equally satisfying and its low center of gravity offers amazing stability at all times. The car’s low frame might not be ideal for Mexico City’s weak road infrastructure but it leaves nothing to be desired once you have the city in the rearview mirror.


There is, however, a slight concern when driving this vehicle making it less than ideal for rookies. Although it looks incredible with it, the car’s practically non-existent rear windshield offers extremely limited visibility. If you still have not got a knack for parking or incorporating to the highway, I would not recommend this car. That being said, a rearview camera could be an excellent addition while you rise to the occasion. The hood’s curvy shape also poses a challenge to exactly determine where the car ends, so you will have to practice a bit before feeling comfortable enough to park like a pro.


We found that the interiors were one of the best features of the new Coupe. The front seats are beyond comfortable and there is enough space to drown in it. The seats are a lovely shade of grey and the fabric feels soft and inviting. Even though the back seat is equally comfortable, there is no much leg room to spare. For one or two people at most, the car is excellent for a comfy getaway but I would not want to be stuck between two people for more than 30 minutes. Control-wise, the Civic has the same infotainment unit as all the other recent Honda models. However, its connectivity features are excellent and the sound system is perfect for a couple of road trip songs.


The Civic’s dominant presence was undisputable as more than a pair of eyes followed us as we drove through the city. Honda really managed to create something unique and overly appealing that you will certainly not find in any other car.

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