The Audi S6 is about as close as mere mortals can get to producing the perfect car. Building on the design, understated and smooth, the V8T does not differ drastically from the standard version, and yet the power is hinted at through subtle details. The side skirts are not too flashy, the diminutive spoiler and diffuser elements give it an extra sporty touch, but in such a way that not even the most refined gentleman would feel out of place in the S6. Then again, the four exhaust pipes simply cannot go unnoticed, letting on to the truth about this car.


The truth is, this car’s power is extreme. Two tons of Audi accelerating to 100 km/h in under four seconds is beyond impressive. Not one single situation limits or gets in the way of that incredible acceleration, and we checked. Sliding it into Sport mode while fully loaded with four passengers and a trunk stuffed to bursting with luggage for a bachelor’s party (four guys need a lot of clothes for that kind of outing) we set out on a straight piece of track, sorry – road – inclined to about 6° at 120 km/h and pushed the S6 to add another 100 km/h of speed to that. It would have reached it in normal Drive mode, but it was a 100 times more fun in Sport.


Despite this unbelievable power, humming and interior vibrations are virtually non-existent. There is a slight tousle from the 8 cylinders when you turn off the radio, firmly close the windows, and have everyone shut up, but it’s minimal. As a matter of fact, a tiny bit more noise from the exhaust bikes to show off the engine’s power wouldn’t go amiss. While a Bose audio system can get boring after a while, the sound of a V8 roaring through the exhaust pipes just doesn’t.


The ride is adjusted to highway or city driving. The steering is so direct and light and responsive in the city, but sturdier in the highway. More importantly, not even a touch of wheel spin is a possibility thanks to the famous Quattro technology. As far as we could see, there was only one suspension setting on our test model, but the S6 does have an adaptive air suspension, which explains why it is always so astoundingly comfortable. The brakes are faultless, but the fact that the car lets you feel the almost two tons of weight whenever braking gives the slightest impression that they might let you down at some point.


Under the hood, there is not a gram of space left. The whole machine is so well designed, to millimeter exactitude which shows the level of perfection that Audi sought when designing this model. On entering the car and closing the door, the steering wheel and driver’s seat are automatically accommodated to your preferred position, as though the vehicle is telling you: “get ready.” Then, possibly the most beautiful moment, pushing the START button. Sitting in the middle of the overwhelming cockpit, push the ignition, wait for a second, and then just absorb the sound of that beautiful engine awakening with a slight vibration through the cabin. Life can be beautiful.


Owners who drive their S6 daily to work are undoubtedly much happier than any of their colleagues. While it is a given that Audi seats are comfy, even the interior creature comforts are from another level, supportive from every side, adjustable in every way, and the fresh combination of leather and alcantara is pure luxury. Glancing at the safety features, if anyone manages to nudge another car while parking, they need something beyond an eyesight check. The S6 is riddled with cameras front, side, and back, with such visibility making it nigh on impossible to bump into anything, despite it being quite big for a sedan. On the move, the sensors can be totally relied upon to announce any other vehicle entering the blind spots. Though the chances of another vehicle actually approaching this Audi, let alone overtaking, are slim.


This is probably the most complete car we have ever driven. It accelerates well at any speed, finding power whether cruising or when already driving 160 km/h. The four wheel drive takes it safely along mountainous roads whether sunny, snowy, or rainy. The fact that it doesn’t demand too much attention, makes it classy without being ostentatious, we could show up at the most elegant VIP party or just use it to go to the cinema without feeling out of place. As a limousine, but as playful as a Porsche, it is extremely spacious but also pulls off fantastic speeds. For long hauls, however, we recommended no more than two adults in the back, but 3 kids would fit more than comfortably.IMG_6158

The beauty of this vehicle is that it is so well-balanced, has four-wheel drive as standard, adaptive air suspension, powerful brakes, and a powerful accelerator. The comfort and safety is in the fact that it has sensors everywhere, a head up display, which makes sure your eyes are always on the road, and in terms of features it competes with Mercedes, BMW, and even Lexus, and Cadillac while being very user-friendly. We can very candidly conclude that the Audi S6 is extremely competitive and has been slotted into Mexico Automotive Review’s list of ‘dream cars’.


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